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Anti drone solutions for Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant

Views:3858    Time: 2021-03-11    Kodefen Defense Technology

廣東大亞灣核電站,深圳市一日游景點,發電70%供應香港- 每日頭條

Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant (Chinese大亚湾核电站pinyinDàyàwān Hédiànzhàn) is a nuclear power plant located in Daya Bay in Longgang District, along the eastern extremity of ShenzhenGuangdongChina; and to the north east of Hong Kong. Daya Bay has two 944 MWe PWR nuclear reactors based on the Framatome ANP French 900 MWe three cooling loop design (M310), which started commercial operation in 1993 and 1994 respectively.