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Solve the "neck" problem of low altitude safety control and emergency disposal, and reshape the law enforcement system of low altitude safety control

 - Low altitude threat disposal: threat target detection, perception, security and multiple strike disposal

 - Safety of law enforcement equipment: skill training for law enforcement personnel of equipment efficiency test

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Tech Core.

Solve the low altitude safety control and emergency disposal, reshape the low altitude safety control law enforcement system.

Directional EMI microstrip antenna technology

Greatly reduce the backward radiation and effectively improve the jamming efficiency

Large scale image database of low altitude UAV target

Including 20000 UAV images in complex scenes, manually annotated


To solve the problems of long sight distance, multi spectrum detection and all-around counter control of low altitude unmanned flying target.

SCG-1-0103 Portable Countermeasure System

SCG-1-0103 is a lightweight, new generation of UAV countermeasures equipment. It is the flagship low altitude protection device developed,produced by Suzhou Broad Shield Security Protection Technology Co.

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Anti-drone gun, anti-drone jammer

BXG-1-0203 Ground-based Countermeasure System

BXG-1-0203 is a ground-based remote control countermeasure system. The volume of the jamming system is 598mm×100mm×187mm (length×width×height, excluding the size of the remote control bracket), and it is painted in dark color. Horizontal ±180° rotation can be achieved by remote control. In order to make it easy for personnel to carry and use, the jamming system is detachable from the stand and equipped with a portable travel case.

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Anti-drone system at ground

FZ2020 Vehicle-based Countermeasures System

FZ2020 is a vehicle-based UAV countermeasures system. Equipped with dual light detectors and UAV detection radar, it can detect UAVs up to 5 Km. Inside the vehicle is the countermeasures command system, which is used to control optoelectronic, radar and countermeasures equipment.

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Counter drone Vehicle-based

Low and Small Laser Defense System

Vehicle-mounted low and slow small laser defense system, using off-axis reflective beam emission scheme, can achieve target destruction and photoelectric interference, with dual-use capability for military and civilian use. Working distance 0.5km~2km, optical aperture Φ240mm, laser power 2~10kW.

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Low and Small Laser Defense System

Portable Laser Defense System

For proximity defense applications, highlighting the system features of small size, light weight, low cost and stealth, it can work with vehicle-mounted laser systems or independently to achieve single-point and distributed rapid position defense. Power level: 2~6kW; action distance: 0.1~1.5km@quadrotor UAV.

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Portable Laser Defense System

News Info.

Customer Cases.


Provided a low-altitude defense service for Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Xi'an and successfully completed the task.


In June 2019, the team represented us to participate in the Central Military Commission’s "Invisible Intercept-2019" anti-drone confrontation challenge held at a base in the Alxa League in Inner Mongolia. The technology of UAV detection has been applied and verified in military anti-UAV combat scenarios.


Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant (Chinese: 大亚湾核电站; pinyin: Dàyàwān Hédiànzhàn) is a nuclear power plant located in Daya Bay in Longgang District, along the eastern extremity of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China; and to the north east of Hong Kong.


At a March 11 soccer game in Wuhan, China, police faced a new kind of threat: drones trespassing near the stadium. Their response was to use a new kind of weapon: an anti-drone gun that jammed the control signals, forcing the trespassing drones to land automatically.

R & D Team.

Northwest University of technology is the only team focusing on low altitude safety control and emergency response technology.

Zhang Ke

/ Chief scientist /
Zhang Ke

Long term employment of professor and doctoral Advisor

Member of aviation weapon system Professional Committee of CAAC

Member of the exploration and guidance technology committee of the Chinese society of Astronautics

Member of telecontrol, telemetry and remote sensing Committee of Chinese Electronic Society

Wang Jingyu

/ Technical director /
Wang Jingyu

Associate Professor, master's supervisor, 100 young people in Shaanxi Province

The most beautiful star of scientific and technological innovation in Shaanxi Province

Northwest University of Technology

Project review expert of Ministry of science and technology, NSFC communication review expert

Deputy director, Institute of guidance and control of unmanned system,

 School of aerospace, Northwestern Polytechnic University

Su Yu

/ Project Leader /
Su Yu

Universit é Paris Est University, France

Doctor assistant researcher

Tan Minghu

/ Key technical personnel /
Tan Minghu

University of Glasgow, UK

Doctor associate professor

Li Haoyu

/ Key technical personnel /
Li Haoyu

University of lycole central Lyon, France

Doctor assistant professor


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