Global counter control of low altitude unmanned flying targets.

Counter drone Vehicle-based.

Counter drone Vehicle-based

FZ2020 Vehicle-based Countermeasures System

FZ2020 is a vehicle-based UAV countermeasures system. Equipped with dual light detectors and UAV detection radar, it can detect UAVs up to 5 Km. Inside the vehicle is the countermeasures command system, which is used to control optoelectronic, radar and countermeasures equipment.

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The vehicle-mounted countermeasures equipment can also be retrofitted with a full-band UAV countermeasures system. The system consists of independently developed wideband microstrip antenna with independently designed high directional beam synthesis antenna array configuration, frequency coverage range of 300MHz~6.0GHz, weight of about 40kg, and denial response distance of about 3km.