Global counter control of low altitude unmanned flying targets.

Anti-drone system at ground.

Anti-drone system at ground

BXG-1-0203 Ground-based Countermeasure System

BXG-1-0203 is a ground-based remote control countermeasure system. The volume of the jamming system is 598mm×100mm×187mm (length×width×height, excluding the size of the remote control bracket), and it is painted in dark color. Horizontal ±180° rotation can be achieved by remote control. In order to make it easy for personnel to carry and use, the jamming system is detachable from the stand and equipped with a portable travel case.

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BXG-1-0203 System performance indicators



System volume



Interference band

1.5G:1550 ~ 1630MHz

2.4G:2400 ~ 2490MHz

5.8G:5710 ~ 5870MHz

Distance of action


Start-up time


Transmitting power


Continuous working time

(Single output) ≥ 4h,(Full power) ≥ 1.5h

Antenna Gain


Cooling method

Passive natural air cooling

Power supply form

Li-On rechargeable

Power indicator

Level 4 LED display

Operating temperature

-30℃ ~ +45℃

System weight


Product details

The system interference working frequency band covers 1.5G, 2.4G and 5.8G civil UAV working frequency bands, among which: 1.5G band (L band) is the civil UAV navigation signal working frequency band, the specific frequency range is 1550 ~ 1630MHz, 2.4G band (S band), 5.8G band (C band) is the civil UAV map transmission and remote control signal working frequency band, the specific The frequency range is 2400 ~ 2490MHz, 5710 ~ 5870MHz respectively, and the switch indicator of each frequency band and the working indicator of the system are set at the side panel on the host.