Global counter control of low altitude unmanned flying targets.

Anti-drone gun, anti-drone jammer.

Anti-drone gun, anti-drone jammer

SCG-1-0103 Portable Countermeasure System

SCG-1-0103 is a lightweight, new generation of UAV countermeasures equipment. It is the flagship low altitude protection device developed,produced by Suzhou Broad Shield Security Protection Technology Co.

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SCG-1-0103 System Performance Indicators

Working voltage 28V
Working current 5A
Product band
2.4G  (2390-2510mhz)
5.8G  (5700-5880mhz)
Product power 8-70W
Effective range of antenna
portrait ±30°
transverse ±45°
Duration of work > 2H
Standby time > 8H
Effective counter distance 0.8-1.0KM
Protection level IP65

Product details

The product applies military radar technology, and the antenna and signal transmitting system are independently developed by Broad Shield Security and Protection Technology Co. The product shape is ergonomic, the working module is compact and simple, easy to carry. The product technology is optimized to reduce the overall power, and the effective countermeasure distance is 1KM.

Next generation of Portable countermeasures system

In order to deal with the threat of the new generation of UAVs, the technical team will upgrade the counter band of the hand-held anti-aircraft system. The main content is to add 433MHz and 915MHz counter band. We will also optimize the appearance, reduce the weight and size in the future.