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Team profile

China leading anti-drone solutions provider guided by the major strategic needs in the fields of national security, national defense security and public security, and closely combined with the military, police, civil and other application background, the team has been engaged in the research of new theories, new methods and new technologies of low altitude UAV target detection and perception, approach guidance, three-dimensional control and emergency disposal for a long time, aiming at the technical bottleneck of low altitude security control and emergency disposal The only team focusing on low altitude safety control and emergency response technology. The research results provide important support for the national major security tasks and the development of major models.

Chief scientist——Zhang Ke

Professor and doctoral advisor of Northwestern Polytechnic University
Member of aviation weapon system Professional Committee of CAAC, member of exploration and guidance technology professional committee of CAAC
Published more than 60 SCI and EI index papers, applied for more than 10 national invention patents, and published 7 monographs
One third prize of science and technology award of Shaanxi Province and one third prize of science and technology award of Shaanxi University

He is mainly engaged in the research of aircraft and spacecraft control, unmanned system guidance and control, detection information perception and recognition, embedded system design, etc., presided over and participated in more than 60 kinds of scientific research projects such as national defense 973, national key R & D program, National Natural Science Foundation of China, innovation projects of science and Technology Commission of Military Commission, preliminary research of sea equipment, AVIC industry university research, etc., and nearly 50 school enterprise cooperation projects.

Innovation platform

In May 2020, relying on Taicang Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of Northwestern Polytechnic University, together with the urban police center of the Public Security Development Strategy Research Institute of the Ministry of public security and Suzhou Thermal Engineering Research Institute of China Guanghe group, the center established the "collaborative innovation center of police UAV and low altitude safety technology", which is committed to the application of new technologies of police UAV and low altitude safety, the research of low altitude safety policies and laws and regulations, and the research of key technologies Key technology research and system integration aims to lead the leapfrog development of police UAV and low altitude security in China.

Social results

The research results have been listed in the local public security system, effectively ensuring more than 10 low altitude security tasks such as large-scale performances, important activities, emergencies, and clearance of important places, and successfully completing a number of major security tasks.

R & D Team.

Northwest University of technology is the only team focusing on low altitude safety control and emergency response technology.

Zhang Ke

/ Chief scientist /
Zhang Ke

Long term employment of professor and doctoral Advisor

Member of aviation weapon system Professional Committee of CAAC

Member of the exploration and guidance technology committee of the Chinese society of Astronautics

Member of telecontrol, telemetry and remote sensing Committee of Chinese Electronic Society

Wang Jingyu

/ Technical director /
Wang Jingyu

Associate Professor, master's supervisor, 100 young people in Shaanxi Province

The most beautiful star of scientific and technological innovation in Shaanxi Province

Northwest University of Technology

Project review expert of Ministry of science and technology, NSFC communication review expert

Deputy director, Institute of guidance and control of unmanned system,

 School of aerospace, Northwestern Polytechnic University

Su Yu

/ Project Leader /
Su Yu

Universit é Paris Est University, France

Doctor assistant researcher

Tan Minghu

/ Key technical personnel /
Tan Minghu

University of Glasgow, UK

Doctor associate professor

Li Haoyu

/ Key technical personnel /
Li Haoyu

University of lycole central Lyon, France

Doctor assistant professor